“Everyone should have a coach.”


In all ages and cultures, rare leaders have excellent coaches.

For example, Eric Schmidt, former Google’s CEO and chairman, had Bill Campbell, who was called “Trillion Dollar Coach”. Emperor Taizong (598 – 649) of Tang Dynasty, China, had a retainer, Wei Zheng (580 – 643), who was characterized in Journey to the West as “being able to travel back and forth between the afterlife and the present world”.

Whether it is tyranny or capitalism, excellent human resources and useful information are attracted to those who combine superior leadership, tremendous power, and overwhelming capital strength.

On the other hand, today, everyone has the opportunity to find excellent coaches and good books. Capitalism certainly causes wealth disparities, but we can have equal access to rich intangible assets.

For example, in old Japan, The Essentials of Governance, a record of the sayings and deeds of Taizong aforementioned, was a classic that was accessible only to those of limited status, such as emperors, generals, aristocrats, warriors, and high priests. Nowadays, it is readily available on Amazon, or we can go to our local public library and borrow it for free.

However, it is also true that the people and information that you truly need are not always easy to find. In addition, answers from familiar people or convenient ChatGPT do not always match what you are really looking for at the time.

I have received many thought-provoking suggestions from outstanding executives in Japan and abroad. One of the very persons was Mr. Eric Schmidt himself. He told me his beliefs.

When he came to Japan to give a lecture nine years ago, I was so nervous that I could barely speak Japanese, let alone English, and not only did he answer my question politely and with humor, but he also told me clearly that “Everyone should have a coach.”

Through my business, I would like to ensure that others and future generations can equally appreciate the benefits and good fortune as I could receive. At present, I think the best way to realize this purpose is to combine NFT with existing technology.

It will finally begin full-scale system development from next month. We will continue to make preparations with even greater focus so that we can provide you a good report next spring.


Image source : ColBase
“Drawings of Mountings of Sutra Scrolls Donated by the Heike Clan to Itsukushima Shrine”, Meiji period, 19th century, Tokyo National Museum Collection

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