What is the NFT Marketplace “Tou Chakai”? -Part 1


We have filed a patent application for the NFT Marketplace System in Japan.
Our “問茶会 Tou Chakai”, which will be launched next spring, is based on this technology.

As you already know, “Tou Chakai” aims to be a platform where you can get advice from leading intellectuals. The main concept of Tou Chakai is derived from Noh play and “茶の湯 Chanoyu”, the art of tea ceremony.

We have talked three times about the relationship between Tou Chakai and the Noh play “Shakkyō”. Starting with the next issue, we would like to discuss the relationship between “問茶会 Tou Chakai” and “茶の湯 Chanoyu”.

I am neither a researcher nor a performer of Japanese culture, just one of the entrepreneurs. However, thanks to the depth of Japanese culture with its long history, the modern legal system that guarantees freedom of expression and economic freedom, and your tolerance, it is possible for me to conceive ideas from Japanese culture and freely incorporate them into businesses.

With gratitude for these, I would like to go back about 500 years, when society was much more chaotic than it is today, when wars could end at any moment, when people lived with mistrust, anxiety, and fear. And strangely enough, it is also the time when the tea ceremony was established.

I would like to share with you my own interpretation of the essence of the tea ceremony at Chanoyu.
We would be very grateful for your honest opinions.

Image source : ColBase
“Fans and a Stream”, Attributed to Hon’ami Koetsu (1558–1637), Edo period, 17th century, Tokyo National Museum Collection

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